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Keep cool and save energy this summer

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Cooling your house and staying energy efficient means planning and being proactive.



Your home can lose up to 40% of its heating in winter and gain up to 87% 1 of its heat in summer through its windows.

Double-glazing your windows and skylights will help keep warm air in during winter and let cool air in summer. As a bonus, double-glazing can also help to reduce outside noise penetration. If you have windows that aren’t double-glazed, adding window films or tints can be a cost-effective option. Heavyweight curtains do a better job of protecting your home from outside temperatures than blinds or shutters do.



Cooling your home is a great place to try and make some savings. Most homes use up to 40% of their energy just on this.2

Early in the day, close your windows and doors, and draw blinds and curtains. This will effectively block out the heat, keeping the cool air in the house. In the evening, once the temperature drops, open up the house again and let the cooler air inside.


Fans are much cheaper to run than your air conditioner. They cost about 2 cents an hour 3, and they can reduce the temperature of a room by about 3 degrees. Run your fans to circulate the air in your house before you turn on the air conditioner.


If you decide to use your air conditioner, economise by setting the temperature to 24 - 27⁰C. Every degree cooler can add 10% to your usage charges 4, depending on how efficiently your appliance runs. Make sure that your air conditioner is working as effectively as it can, which means checking the filters, removing any dust and debris and keeping to a regular service schedule.

More savings tips


  • Try these simple tips during the summer months:
  • Only cool the rooms you’re using, rather than the whole house.
  • Skip the tumble dryer and hang your clothes outside.
  • Cut down on heat and humidity by only using your washing machine in the early morning or late evening.
  • Hanging a wet sheet over an open doorway will cool a room.
  • Venting your dryer to an outside point will release moist air and should improve energy efficiency.
  • Apply weather strips around the inside of door and window frames to prevent draughts.
  • Make an investment in insulation to help curb heating and cooling costs.

Get even more tips on saving energy.


1. See Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes.

2. See to understand your energy savings on heating and cooling

3. See to save more using fans 

4. See to learn about temperatire sttings. 


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