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How do LED lights work?

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How do LED lights work?


Did you know that replacing your old halogen downlights with low-energy LED lighting is one of the simplest and easiest things you can do to save energy in your home and reduce your power bill?


What is LED?


LED stands for light-emitting diode. To get technical, LED is a semiconductor that converts electricity into light. It’s one of the newer technologies available in energy-efficient lighting.


How long do LED lights last?


LEDs last a long time compared to traditional incandescent (think Thomas Edison) or halogen lights.


AGL uses high quality LED downlights that come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and have an average life span of between 15,000 and 70,000 hours.


How can a light bulb be energy efficient?


It’s estimated LEDs use approximately 85 per cent less energy than halogen or incandescent lighting. So, installing LED lighting can really reduce your energy usage and ultimately lead to savings on your energy bill.


What is the difference between LED, halogen and incandescent lighting?


The main difference between LED and halogen and incandescent lighting is energy efficiency. LEDs are longer lasting and cost less to run.


Depending on the type used, LEDs can last 30–50 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting. They’re also smaller, and can be faster-switching depending on the light fitting.


Also, compared to halogen lighting, LED downlights are safer, as they have a lower risk of fire because they run at lower temperatures.


Are there any other energy-efficient lighting alternatives?


You can get a variety of energy-efficient lighting, such as eco-halogens or compact fluorescent tubes. However, LEDs still beat the rest for energy efficiency and longevity.


Note that many kinds of incandescent bulbs are no longer available, having been phased out by the government from 2009.


To see how much you could save by switching from halogen to LED downlights visit our online calculator.

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