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How can I save energy with my clothes dryer?

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‎15-12-2017 10:34 AM
  • Limit your use of the dryer. Use a clothesline or clothes horse whenever you can.
  • Venting your dryer to an outside point where it can release the moist air should help improve its efficiency. Or if that’s not possible, open up windows or doors so there’s better ventilation when your dryer is on.
  • Set your dryer to 'warm' instead of 'hot'. It may take longer for your clothes to dry but you should use less energy. Clean the lint filter before every use.
  • Don’t put dripping-wet clothes in your dryer. Wring them out or give them a good spin in the washing machine beforehand.
  • If you must use the dryer, doing consecutive loads will help you maximise the built-up heat.
  • Put together clothes that require roughly the same amount of drying time so you don't waste energy over-drying them.
  • In summer, use your washing machine in the early morning or late evening and stop from adding to the heat and humidity in your home.
  • Always look at the Energy Rating label when you purchase a new clothes dryer. The more stars, the less electricity it’ll use.

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