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How do smooth bill payments work?

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‎17-02-2020 12:04 PM

Check out AGL Bill Smoothing to see how we can help take the surprise out of your energy bill[s].


What is bill smoothing?


AGL bill smoothing is a payment plan that creates a regular estimated bill. It works by splitting the estimated total cost of your energy bills over the next 12 months into equal monthly, fortnightly or weekly instalments.


The bill amounts are, as the name suggests, ‘smoothed out’ – or averaged over a year.


What are the advantages of bill smoothing?


Bill smoothing is designed to take the surprise out of your energy bill[s], by splitting the estimated cost into smaller instalments spread over 12 months.


Bill smoothing reduces the impact of seasonal energy use (for example high heating or cooling costs).


It also has the benefit of making your energy costs more predictable and easier to manage, allowing you to plan your budget and cash flow.


Will I still receive statements?


Yes. With Bill Smoothing you continue to receive account statements on your usual quarterly billing cycle. The statements include information about your energy usage, so you can monitor how, where and when you use energy throughout the year.


If you are signed up to Bill Smoothing, we will review your estimated instalments each billing period. You will be notified, when you receive your bill, of how you are tracking and whether any changes are required to your Bill Smoothing arrangement. 


How do I set up Bill Smoothing?


Bill Smoothing is available to residential and small-business customers.


You can set up Bill Smoothing online using My Account or by contacting us. And of course we will confirm all details and instalment amounts with you in writing.


What if I need to cancel a Bill Smoothing plan?


If you wish to cancel an existing Bill Smoothing plan, please contact us. You will need to pay any outstanding amount owing on your account, and you will receive a refund if you have overpaid. If you pay by direct debit, please contact us at least three business days before your next payment is due.


What if I move house?


Your Bill Smoothing plan will be automatically cancelled if you move house (as your usage will change too). Log in  online using My Accountor contact us if you would like to set up a new Bill Smoothing plan for your new house.


What if my payment amounts have changed?


If you’d like more information about your payment amounts you can contact web chat team here or call us to discuss. We will review your Bill Smoothing payment amounts at each bill against your actual usage to ensure you’re never paying too much or too little towards your actual annual usage. 


What other payment arrangement options are there?


AGL offers a range of flexible billing options with various payment options to suit everyone.


Bill Smoothing is a really helpful payment plan that takes the surprise out of your energy bill.


Visit My Account to sign up.

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