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How do I request a refund of credit?

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How do I request a credit refund?

You need to contact us to submit a credit refund request. It will take up to 7 business days for the request to be processed and sent to your nominated bank account or card. Note: If the payment source is different, a proof of payment may be required and could take longer.


What happens after I've submitted a request?

Once a request has been submitted, the payment will be processed within 7 business days. Be sure to check your bank account regularly to ensure it's arrived.


I haven't received my credit yet, what can I do?

It can take up to 7 business days for a credit refund to be processed. We'll advise you if the payment was dishonoured or if there was any other issues. If it's been longer than this, please get in contact with our team.


Can I move a credit to a different AGL account or bill?

If you have a credit on your electricity account, you can contact us to move this to your gas account or another account.


I've got solar, can I organise credits to be automatically sent?

Yes! If you've got solar, you can arrange this by getting in touch with us.


What if I have Bill Smoothing?

If you're a Bill Smoothing customer, you can still request a credit refund - but after your 6-monthly review, your payment will go up. You can find out more on our Bill Smoothing page.


I'm moving and I have credits, what should I do?

Let us know that you've got a credit on your account when you're moving and we'll help you transfer them to the new account or arrange a refund.


How do I know if I have a credit?

Your credits will be shown on page 2 of your bill. For a detailed explanation and sample bill, head to our Bill Explainer page.

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