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Announcement, 21 March 2019: Hoax email in circulation with subject "AGL electricity bill”

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‎02-10-2019 03:34 PM

We are aware of an unsolicited email in circulation pretending to be from AGL containing the subject title: “AGL electricity bill”




How to identify whether you have received a legitimate or hoax email


All legitimate AGL electricity bills will:


  • Come from the sender address Any deviation on this address may be a hoax email; and
  • Include your supply address and account number in the email body. If it does not contain these details, it may be a hoax email.

What to do if you believe you have received a hoax email


If you have received a hoax email, please delete it. Do not click on any links or content from the email.


If you are unsure or have any queries about the email, please contact us.


AGL takes the security of your information very seriously. We will never send emails asking you to confirm, update or disclose personal or banking information.


For information on how to identify a scam email head to this Knowledge Base article or the Scamwatch website. Any customers with concerns about the scam emails should contact us.

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