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switched from Gross Meter to Net Meter. Don't understand new bill.

I was under the impression that when we switch from Gross metering to Net metering we would be using our own solar energy we create before using the grid. My new bill has a new meter number added with different Kwh. However under the New charges and credits heading everything seems the same as a gross meter bill. We even have a feed in tariff, which surprises me as I thought we would be still taking from the grid. I can't seem to find a net metering bill online to look at and compare.


Re: switched from Gross Meter to Net Meter. Don't understand new bill.

Hey Belinda,


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Making the change from Gross to Net metering will not see any change to your AGL bill. As the power that you generate and use never passes through your meter, it is not something that we're able to record or bill you for, nor should we!


The best way for you to get an idea of how much of your own power you're using would be to check your inverter. Your inverter will show you a figure of how much power in total your system has generated, as well as a figure of how much of this you've exported to the grid. The difference between these two numbers will be the approximate amount of power you've used within your household.


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