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Smart meter reconfiguration charges


  I am an Agl customer and I recently installed solar panels. I contacted Agl in regards to this and I was told that Agl will charge 165 dollars for reconfiguring already installed  smart meter, which they mentioned to me that ,it can be done remotely. So why on earth I have to pay this big money for a service which didn't even require a person to visit my premises. Also pls tell me as I enquired with other big and small energy providers about the same and they said they don't charge this kind of "Reconfiguration fees" with their customers.So my dear AGL , is this the way you are treating your customer by ripping off their money, then I understand that it's my mistake I choose AGL as my energy provider.


Re: Smart meter reconfiguration charges

AGL Moderator

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To clarify how these fees work, they are known as 'pass through fees'. This means that we arrange for this service to be performed by the metering coordinator who charge AGL for the work. Subsequently, we pass this fee onto our customers.


These specific re-configurations can attract a fee of up to $165. It's important that we quote our customers with the worst case scenario to set realistic expectations in the even that the work does cost this much. Typically speaking, jobs that are completed remotely attract a far lower fee however we can't guarantee this until the work is completed.


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