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Since creating this Community Account I'm unable to login to the AGL account



I had to create a special account for access to this AGL Communities site. Ever since then I have not been able to login in to the my Online AGL account. After a myriad attempts at resetting the AGL Online account password and speaking with your callcentre staff to this is still not working. The 'new' website is absolute garbage and should be taken down. Whichever company yot got to build the site has made an absolute dogs breakfast of it.


I've spoken with the complaints area and had a different way of resetting my AGL Online account password was attempted which gave access to the account until I closed my browser window. Forget using the app it just keeps on saying wrong account/password.


This website is an absolute joke. Is there something in the back end that looks at the wrong password for the AGL account and confusing it with the AGL Community password?


The total lack of a usable website/app is just about enough for me to switch electricity providers. This needs to be sorted out or lose another customer.


Re: Since creating this Community Account I'm unable to login to the AGL account

Hi @Solarguy


This sounds extremely frustrating and I'm really sorry you've had this experience. Feel free to send me a message with some account details and we'll take a look at what's happened here.