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Search for answers relating to your AGL account or your AGL online services.


Re-charged for prior bills, incorrect calculation


I have recently switched to AGL, and paid my first two bills on time. I logged into my account in the lead up to my third quarterly bill to monitor things and noticed these bills had dissapered and my account was just in credit for the amounts paid.


I have now received my 3rd bill and it actually charges me for my other prior 2 bills - with the credit applied. The calculation is slightly off vs what would have happened if my billing was correct however. The charges on my new bill were:


Billing Period: 22/01 to 14/09 (237 days)

1 Month Free (30 days) covering 427.89 units

237 x 12 = 2,844 units at 0.1379

108.46 units at 0.1244


The breakdown of units used in each period are:

22/01 to 17/03 = 650.47 units (56 days)

18/03 to 18/06 = 1,162.33 units (93 days)

19/06 to 14/09 = 1,567.54 units (88 days)


So for my current bill it SHOULD cover the period 19/06 to 14/09, meaning I should be charged in this period for:

88 x 12 = 1,056 units at 0.1379

1567.54 - 1056 = 511.54 at 0.1244


That is over 400 units that since AGL has stuffed up my bill they are charging at the higher rate charged for the first 12 units each day. 


The difference is:

(511.54 - 108.46) = 403.08 units that should be charged at the reduced rate

(0.1379 - 0.1244) = $0.015 difference between higher and lower rate

403.08 x 0.015 = $6.05 difference in amount billed


Not a large amount - but still a difference due to something messed up by AGL and not myself. I'm sure others have had the same and not realised at all - as the representative told me that having my prior bills paid will work out the same with the credit - untrue! 


WIll pay my bill as it is, but any other issues I will happily shift providers which is a very easy thing to do these days! I believe I was also waiting for a number of flybuys points for a sign up bonus - haven't seen those either, not really surprised...