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No bill where is it

So after being with agl for 7 years i got an offer from another provider after being with them for 2 weeks i decided id get agl to match they gladly did i didnt have to take care of the switch and cancellation it was done for me. I recieved my new welcome pack now 4 months down the track i hadn't recived a bill on my app it shows  my usage but says its only estimated data as some account information is missing 

I contacted agl for someone to tell me there was no electricity at our address i assured him there was i then rang the previous supplier and they assured me my account was closed 

I rang agl again and a lady told me i do have an account but my email wasnt registered and that she had registered for me then and there and i would recieve an email stating that and an account number to see if it refreshes the app meter still nothing from agl she also could not tell me when my scheduled bill would be and that atm i did not owe money i want to get this sorted where is my bill ?? Why isnt my account showing ?? Why cant some one just tell me a straight answer 


Re: No bill where is it

Hey Sarahquinn,


Thank you for your post!


I'm sorry to hear that you've been unable to get a clear answer from any of our customer service teams to date. I'll ask you to send an email with your account details through to, and we'll take a look at things and get back to you ASAP.