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No Usage Data for Jan 3


my usage data (import & export) is missing for Wednesday January 3rd.


Can this be fixed.


It's been very reliable for the past month or two after all the problems last year. But I would like to get this missing data.



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Re: No Usage Data for Jan 3

It wasn't there yesterday nor today. Like me you probably record this data every day and it irks me when it is not shown.

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Re: No Usage Data for Jan 3

I had some missing data a couple of weeks back that was fixed in a couple of days. I've also got one day missing from this week.

I'm sure AGL must do some sort of manual validation given the time delay for data to appear.

Maybe it will get back to normality when the silly season and associated annual leave is over.


Re: No Usage Data for Jan 3

Hey NoNettUsage,


Thanks for your post!


It's not unusual for your data to be behind by 2-4 days in some cases, as your online profile only updates every few days. If this data has still not updated, please email your account information as well as any relevant screenshots through to and we'll look into things further!


Kind regards,



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Re: No Usage Data for Jan 3

I've sent you an email with an image showing the missing data for Jan 3rd.


For me, it is unusual for data to be missing. It's been very regular for the past two months, appearing the next day. That is what I expect and what you promised when you installed the new meter.


I expect it because it's to your advantage for me to have your smart meter. You have the data because you've updated the "Costs to date" on my account page.


In this case, data for subsequent days (4th, 5th, 6th), so it's clear that there is a problem.


Thanks for your help.

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Re: No Usage Data for Jan 3

Thanks for the email address jayden. I have also sent through a screenshot. Interesting they all seem to be from the same day Wed. 3rd.

Woddles - Rod

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Re: No Usage Data for Jan 3

I sent the message to and they fixed the issue after about 2 days. In future, I'll just contact them directly.