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Search for answers relating to your AGL account or your AGL online services.

Search for answers relating to your AGL account or your AGL online services.

Re: My incredibly high electricity bill from AGL

AGL Moderator

Hey emmanye,


Thank you for your post!


It's always worth double checking your bill if you feel something isn't quite right. I'd strongly suggest you start by logging into your online account here (or that you download the AGL app) and follow the prompts to lodge the readings currently on your meter. If your bill is estimated, this will allow us to adjust your account for any potential overcharges.


If you'd like to chat further about your bill, we'd recommend you get in touch with our web chat team here!


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Re: My incredibly high electricity bill from AGL


I live in a complex where the meters are padlocked in a cabinet out the front, our land lord says the power companies are the only ones who have a key for meter readings. And no one but the power companies are allowed to access the meters. Agl has repeatedly altered amounts, and dates of direct debit arrangements from my bank leaving my bank over drawn and with dishonor fees. Agl has admitted their repeated mistakes and claims they have no idea how or why these errors keep happening. They have refunded amounts with drawn yet refuse responsibility for dishonor fees despite being agl's fault. And they continue to make demands insisting I make regular payments to them regardless of their mistakes leaving my bank overdrawn. What bills should I stop paying to allow for agl to repeatedly stuff up. I think that by saying an ombudsman is a waste of time is very bad advice. The ombudsman and the ACCC are whats needed to shake these guys up a bit. They'll only keep screwing customers over if they can keep getting away with it.

Re: My incredibly high electricity bill from AGL


I live in a 2 beds apartment with no air condition. Lived with two other mates. One of them is on holiday on the period time. I only use a fan. I don’t know 

Re: My incredibly high electricity bill from AGL


You should never accept an estimated bill it must read actual only! Never pay for anything that is estimated, you have a meter that read the current used therefore you should have an actual stating the amount you owe. Also be careful AGL does this silly smart meter excuse with a lot of people and they still bully their way to get the money without sorting out the issues. Report them and even take legal action. They can also fiddle with your smart meter to rack up your daily usage to gain back the money used for the local subcontractor who installed your smart meter. 

Re: My incredibly high electricity bill from AGL

AGL Community Manager

When estimated billing is used, it's always adjusted using the next actual meter read, whether that's send by the local distributor or by the customer. If you've been charged too much or too little, that is then corrected in the account - meaning you'll receive a bill credit or an additional charge based on your actual usage.


For information on why we sometimes need to send an estimated bill, check out 

Why do I get estimated bills? 


To avoid estimated bills altogether, it's easy to send us a meter read online:

You also won't receive estimated bills if you use a remotely read digital meter. For more information on digital metering, see: AGL Digital Metering


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