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Monthly bills too high!

As a family of 4, two adults and two kids (6&3) we are getting electricity bills that I think are way too high! We live in a relatively small 3b + 1bathroom house. No pool, no air conditioning, no dryer. We both work 40 hours a week and there is no one home more often than not. How are we continuously getting bills for $240 a MONTH? That would equal $720 a quarter and that is ridiculous. 

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Re: Monthly bills too high!

Hi @rhifol,


Thank you for reaching out to us about your high electricity bills - no one wants to have that shock!

There is no quick answer to high bills, especially considering your familial situation throughout the week. There could be a number of factors to consider, such as estimations, and checking to see whether any particular devices are eating up a lot of power (although it seems as though you would have already done this check). 


We would be most happy to look into this matter for you personally. To do so, please speak to us on Facebook Messenger at or via web chat at


We look forward to hearing from you, and appreciate your patience in the meantime.






Re: Monthly bills too high!

$240 a month is too high??? I just moved into a small 3 bed house as well. 2 adults and a 1 yr old. Just got the monthly bill. $677.00. I don't even know where to start


Re: Monthly bills too high!

Hi @Corablake


We can help! Unfortunately, this shock can often happen with meter estimations.

Thankfully, we have introduced the ability for you to supply your own meter read via your online account access, or AGL app access. If you're having any difficulty with this, please speak with our service team whenever you are available. You can contact them on Facebook Messenger here:


Kindly, Jordan


Re: Monthly bills too high!

Ha! Try 2 power wise people in a tiny unit with a $741.30 bill! It's ridiculous and quite honestly unfair and not good enough. Will definitely be looking into other options after we sort this ridiculous joke out!


Re: Monthly bills too high!

Hi @James95


The bill in question, is this based on an estimation, or do you currently receive actual readings/have a smart meter? If it's an estimation, we do have options in My Account to submit your own reads so we can ensure that the bill is accurate to your actual usage. If you're receiving actual reads, our team can request an investigation from the distributor if you feel that the reported usage is incorrect. If you have a smart meter, you can utilize the AGL app or monitor your usage via My Account online. 


Just from my personal experience, and I preface this knowing that our circumstances are unlikely exactly the same,  but my situation in terms of living arrangement sounds very similar, and a recent bill was actually quite similar to yours. I found the culprit was a heater that I was using in the colder months wasn't the most efficient with how it consumed power, and unfortunately the result was an abnormally high bill. I ceased using it some nights, and looked at the usage on the app and immediately noticed that it was the difference between an expensive day of usage and a relatively cheap day of usage.   Have you recently added anything new that might be causing higher usage? 


If you feel that the usage is being reported incorrectly, feel free to send me a message with some account details and we can look at what options we have available to investigate for you. 


Re: Monthly bills too high!!!!!

I agree completely. I work full-time and live extremely frugally when at home.  The hike in electricity costs is just another added pressure on my finances as a single person.  I've heard power is being cut to so many families because they can't afford to pay.  When is this lunacy going to stop?