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Incorrect Meter reads


Wondering if anyone else is having almost constant issues with gettinf a meter read read correctly? 

Now last quarter i was charged $1700 for a 3 month period, being as i live in a one bedroom aapartment by myself, there is no way i could have EVER used that much electricity.

I ended up having to get an electrician out to check my apartment for issues and it turns out the issue was that the meter read person had just misread the meter. So my bill went back down to around $300 and i thought that would be the end of my issues.

Apparently not, because now this quarter ive received a bill for $2300 and im so angry that this issue reappearing.

Its like AGL havent taught their employees how to read meters if they are managing to get it so very wrong each time! 

Just curious to know if anyone else is having similar problems with AGL because right now my trust in them is gone and ive been with them happily for 5 years until now

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Re: Incorrect Meter reads


YES! - I'm having the exact same issue.  I had to reach out to AGL multiple times, but they keep just sending me new bills without ever resolving the meter read issue!  Not only that, but last time I called the service representative extended my due date... but the next bill came with an overdue charge!  On the most recent call, the representative even noted that they can see the issue has been raised before.


This is absolutely unacceptable.

Re: Incorrect Meter reads


I agree it’s ridiculous that once i provided the correct meter reading, the issue with whoever is taking the readings to begin with wasnt resolved! I also had to call and keep getting the bill extended even though it was incorrect (i think there should be a halt on the bill if its in contention) and then, not even a sorry from AGL about the time, effort and money i had to put in to get an electrician out to help me!

Re: Incorrect Meter reads

AGL Moderator

Hi Lith,


Thank you for getting in touch with us here!

Unfortunately meters are misread once in a blue moon purely due to human error, however it's incredibly unlucky (and no doubt frustrating) that your meter has been misread in sequential instances. 


I'd like to take a closer look at this to ensure that we're not missing anything here, so please shoot me a private message if you find the time. 


G_2019 - You're very welcome to get in touch with me too if you require further assistance!


Kind regards,



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