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How to read meter



i need assistance in regards to how to enter a meter read for the meter below.  i press the display button and it cycles through numerous readings - i just dont know which section to source the two required readings from.  any advice would be good.  The meter is a NILSEN EMS 2100 Analyser.



Re: How to read meter

AGL Moderator

Hi @kujo


Thank you for reaching out to us, and apologies for the delayed response!


Confirming a meter read can sometimes be complicated - especially depending on your meter. With your Nilsen EMS 2100 Analyser, you will get a number of numbers showing up when you press the display number. In order, they should be presented as: total usage, peak usage, off-peak usage and off-peak hot water. When logged into your AGL account online, you should be prompted for the second and fourth options - peak usage, and off-peak hot water (controlled load), respectively. 


To give you an extra hand, the peak usage read should show as close to, or above, 9975. The off-peak hot water (controlled load) should show as close to, or above, 82820. These numbers were used as the estimate for your last bill, and hopefully they lend a hand. 


If you're continuing to have any difficulty with this, our Digital Metering Team would be happy to help. You can ring them on 1300 669 245. 


I hope this answers your question, and please let us know if there is anything else we can lend a hand with.

Kindly, Jordan

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