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Search for answers relating to your AGL account or your AGL online services.

False supply address


Why can AGL use a false supply address that is in different suburb and postcode to where my gas and electricity is actually supplied. This does not allow me to get any energy concessions because of the postcode mismatch from my pension card which is in the correct supply address. For 8 years AGL have insisted they cannot change the supply address.

Can anybody offer any advice why this so please?

Thanks in advance.


Re: False supply address

AGL Moderator

Hi Rico,


Thank you for your post!


Each meter is prescribed a unique 'supply address' which we obtain from a national meter database. We are obligated to use this address for billing purposes irrespective of it's accuracy, as silly as that may sound! However, if you're able to send through a copy of your council rates to us (via private message) showing your correct address, we can arrange for the national database to be updated, and subsequently your billing too.


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Re: False supply address


Thank you for that advice it has been followed. It seems the council boundary may have been changed 18 years ago so maybe it is time to get into 21st century.

I just hope with this change my energy concessions will be paid.