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Search for answers relating to your AGL account or your AGL online services.

Re: Estimated meter reading


Further update on developments concerning our gas meter reading problem:


Jemena technician tested our (mechanical index) meters - both OK.
Apparently these are 'retrofitted' with Low Frequency Pulse Transmitters
(such as krom/schroder IN-Z31) which are connected by cables
to the control room on the top floor of the building.


Jemena technician also checked the control room readout - both OK.
Normally, Jemena never need to come to the building to read the meters.
They can read these meters remotely.


So what was the REAL REASON for us being persistently overcharged
and getting AGL notification:
    'the enclosed bill is estimated because the distributor
    did not provide an actual read - please ensure meter access
    for your next reading'.


We believe that the REAL REASON was our VERY LOW GAS USAGE
(we have been away a lot) which made either AGL and/or Jemena
suspect that our meters readout was faulty.


We requested the Jemena technician to specifically mention this
in his report.


Re: Estimated meter reading


I was recently surprised at my latest gas bill from AGL, more than double what it normally is. On phoning AGL I was advised that it is "an estimate" not an actual meter reading. Say what, so that justifies charging me more than twice my normal bill. How many AGL customers is AGL ripping off with this process. It seems AGL do not have a process in place for a technician to visit the apartment block I live in and read the meters, I am sure they use to!. Now this is a good business model. "So I think today I am too lazy to actually find out what my customer ordered so just to be sure I will charge more than twice what it should be and hope I get away with it". It is up to me to supply correct meter readings. Come on AGL get your head out your **bleep** and start offering appropriate service and costing. I know tomorrow I will be looking for another provider instead of this cowboy rip off outfit, You should to!!!!!!!

Re: Estimated meter reading

AGL Moderator

Hi maroubra1,


Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback.


I'm sorry to hear that your estimated bill has caused you such a tremendous level of frustration. I can assure you in absolute confidence that a meter reader would at least be attempting to read your meter every quarter. You can find out more about why your bill may have been estimated here: Why do I get estimated bills?


Kind regards,



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