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Changing password for account login

I like to change my password on all online accounts every month but can't do it on AGL's system. This is a basic necessity and should be available. PLease rectify

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Re: Changing password for account login

Hi @Talan2


Thank you for getting in contact with us again!


Now that the ongoing issues that we were having with your account are resolved, you should be able to reset your password at any stage. To do this, you will need to be logged out of the Community and My Account. You then need to go to the login page for either of these sites. It will look like this:


Login PageLogin Page


Once you enter your email, you will then be prompted to enter your password. However, to change your existing password, you will need to select 'Forgot?' . You can see this option here:


Forgot PasswordForgot Password


Once selected, the below screen will appear for you, confirming that your password will need to be changed. You will be sent an email from AGL (please check your junkmail) which will include a link to be able to reset your password without any hiccups.


Reset password confirmationReset password confirmation


If you continue to have difficulties with resetting your password, please let me know and I will escalate this for you. I hope this helps to answer your question! 


(Just to let you know, I have passed on your suggestion to be able to change your password whilst logged in. Hopefully you'll see this improvement soon, via the 'manage account' option.)


Kindly, Jordan


Re: Changing password for account login

Thanks Jordan.


I'll do things that way but what a roundabout way of doing something that should be as simple as going to Manage My Account and choosing an option of Change Password. Every other organistaion I deal with that requires a password has this option.


I'd suggest, once agin, that your IT people need to be made to seek alternate employment. They are clearly not up to it