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Search for answers relating to your AGL account or your AGL online services.


Calls from AGL energy (03) 8613 9353


I have received multiple calls this week from the phone number (03) 8613 9353. 

When I picked the phone call, there was silence for more than few seconds and then, caller introduced herself as "Calling from AGL Energy as their is a problem with your account". She started by telling me that "this call will be recorded for monitoring and coaching purposes" making it sound really genuine. She then asked me to verify my details before she could tell me what the problem is. I asked her to give some idea of the "problem" -- payment failure, service disruption, anything else? She kept pressing me for my details which I refused to provide and she abruptly cut the call. 


I checked my AGL Energy account. There are no overdue bills or service issues I could see. Perhaps something to be aware off. I am pretty sure this is a typical scam where they are recording the voice of the person in the call and use that to apply for services such as credit cards, etc. 


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Re: Calls from AGL energy (03) 8613 9353

AGL Community Manager

Hi @indyfromoz . It's certainly a good idea to be cautious about giving out your details to callers like this. To check whether this call is legitimate and we actually need to talk to you, just log in to your account and click "Send us a message".


Alternately, you can also get in touch with us by phone or chat, but the messaging option above will take less of your time (no waiting around on hold!).

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