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Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

Share your ideas for improving the AGL Energy Mobile App

can't view daily usage

AGL Moderator

Now the new one is harder to navigate and also has less in it. - can't view daily usage in kWh, only dollars - doesn't have hourly, weekly, or monthly usage averages - doesn't compared usage from previous weeks, months with current cycle - billing tab doesn't show proper amount due - have to now use the in app browser to enter gas meter read which takes longer not to mention the layout of the in app browser is the old layout (which is so much better) - usage vertical bar usage chart is not as easy to read or use compared to the horizontal bar usage chart - the electricity usage is now a week behind

AGL Idea Moderator
Status changed to: Delivered

Firstly, thank you for your contributions so far to help improve the AGL App.


We're pleased to let you know that both kWh and hourly usage is now available in the latest version of the app.  We've created an article to give an overview on the feature which you can find here: 


We'll mark this as delivered for now but please feel free to provide more feedback on the solution.  If you think it can be improved or changed in anyway we'd like to hear it!


This link that you have provided is dead. Your app just served me a pop up telling me I can view my hourly usage and I have been bumbling around between your app and your site for 30 minutes and can not find it. Terrible UX/UI usage from your side guys. 

AGL Moderator

Hi Jadew,


Welcome to the AGL Community!


Can I ask you to confirm if you have a smart meter active at your property? You'll need one before you can access your usage in hourly intervals. If you're not sure of this, shoot me a quick private message with your account number and address and I'll happily take a look at things for you.


Kind regards,