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I’m having trouble accessing AGL’s Solar Command monitoring service

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‎12-07-2019 02:18 PM

If you're having difficulty accessing the Solar Command service, take a look at these FAQs or contact our team using the details below.




How do I contact you?

 If you're a South Australian battery customer:



For Commercial Solar customers:



For all other customers:



How do I update my login email address?

This can be done via your solar monitoring dashboard.

  1. Click on Login Details using the navigation bar on the top left
  2. On the Login Details you will see ‘login email address’ Click ‘Update’
  3. Update with your new desired email address and save


How do I log in / verify my mobile number?

See here.



I didn't receive an email with a code when trying to log in or verify

See here.



Why am I seeing "Your password is no longer secure Reset it now to log in"?

See here



How do I reset my password?

See here.



How do I log in using a code?

See here.



How do I log in using a password?

See here.



How do I create a password?

See here.

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