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How do I update my credit or debit card?

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‎27-02-2020 10:25 PM

Here are the steps to update your credit or debit card details:


  1. From My Account, cancel any direct debits you may have associated with the old card by going to

 Hi [Your name] ▼ > Account Settings > Billing and Payments > Payment Options > Edit

Cancel Direct Debit


2. Add new card in My Wallet by going to:

Hi [Your name] ▼  > Account Settings > Billing and Payments > Payment Methods > Edit > My Wallet > Add Payment Method > Edit

From here, My Wallet, you can Add A Payment Method and Delete any old or expired cards


3. Set up Direct Debit with your new card by going to:

Hi [Your name] ▼ > Account Settings > Billing and Payments > Payment Options > Direct Debit > Edit

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